Colt Express : Marshal & Prisonniers - l'extension

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Play the Marshal... for Law, Order and Honor!

Play the Bandits... for Money!

FRENCH version.

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Beware - The base game COLT EXPRESS is required to ply this expansion.

FRENCH version.

  • MARSHAL & PRISONERS offers a new asymmetrical gameplay to COLT EXPRESS. A player is now the clever and super strong Marshal, who plays alone and against all. He has his own goals to win: send the Bandits to jail, protect the passengers, prevent the prisoners from being free...

  • A newcomer is in the train: Mei, the agile acrobat. It allows you to play with up to 8 players.

  • A additional car: the Prison car is at the end of the train. Young outlaws are there, waiting for you to free them. If you succeed, they can be a great help.

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