Silk - a new bandit for Colt Express

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An additional Bandit for Colt Express

Nobody knows who Silk really is.


You must have the Colt Express base game to play Silk.




When you play Silk, choose one special power before starting the game.

You can choose one of the three following special powers... or make up your own power.

  • Move power: Move 1 or 2 Cars, wether you are inside the train or on the roof. You are allowed to get across a Car where a Lawman is.
  • Dodger power: Give the player of your choice the neutral Bullet you get when you encounter a Lawman.
  • Block power: You block the rear door entrance. No other Character can enter that Car through the rear door.

Download the rules here.

Contents :

  • 13 Action cards
  • 1 Wanted poster card
  • 1 Arrest Warrant card
  • 6 Bullet cards
  • 1 Character card
  • 1 Character sheet
  • 1 Bandit pawn
  • 1 Horse pawn

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