FRENCH Living Forest + 2 bonus cards Sanki et Onibi

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Invoke the guardian animals and become the new Protector of the Forest!

An alliance of Push your luck and Deckbuilding which won the prestigious Kennerspiel, As d'Or and FLIP Trophy awards this year.

A Game by Aske Christiansen illustrated by Apolline Etienne.

French version with English or German rules

2 bonus cards: Onibi and Sanki spirits

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Living Forest is a game for 2 up to 4 players, from 10 years old and up, with a duration of 45 minutes

Four Spirits of Nature - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn - have been called to rescue the Sacred Tree of the Forest facing the devastating flames of Onibi. All of them want to become a legend by saving their home and, this way, receiving the honorable title of Grand Protector... If they want to win this battle against the terrible Onibi, they will have to act! Plant protective trees, fend off the relentless flames, or awaken Sanki, the Guardian of the Forest... What will be the best tactic?

• An original mix of Push your luck and Deckbuilding
• Rich and varied games due to 3 ways to win.
• Multi-awarded game (Kennerspiel, As d'Or, Trophée FLIP)

In the box:

  • 1 Circle of Spirit board
  • 4 individual boards
  • 130 Guardian Animal cards + 2 extra cards Onibi and Sanki
  • 98 tiles
  • tokens

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