Colt Express - The game

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Schemin' and Stealin' to the end!

French version

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Multilingual version FRENCH, ENGLISH, GERMAN.

  • In COLT EXPRESS, you play a "desperado", who attacks a passenger train. No mercy, no possible alliance: between the cars, on the train's roof, bullets come from everywhere. The outlaws are injured. The Marshal patrols the train, thwarts the plans of the bandits.

  • Who will become the best gunslinger? Who will get the greatest share of the loot? Each character has his own personality but, at the end of the day, they all have the same goal: to get the biggest slice of pie in robbing the passengers.

  • Original components for a game with lots of twists and turn in hilarious programmation gameplay 100% Western! 

  • COLT EXPRESS can be played from 2 up to 6 players, from 10 years and up. Game duration: about 30 to 45 minutes

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